New zero waste delivery service for Crouchenders

A Crouch End man has just launched a “zero waste” delivery service supplying shops in North London.

Planet Minimal do zero waste, emissions free delivery for a range of products and brands. Using electric vehicles, they deliver cleaning and personal hygiene products to zero waste-conscious businesses in refillable bulk containers.

Founder Hamish Ainsley first got into sustainability in 2011 when he worked for a not-for-profit in Australia planting trees as voluntary carbon offsets for commercial vehicle fleets.

Ainsley says, “Planet Minimal is all to do with a long build up of frustration at how slow progress can be towards a more sustainable way of living. Plastic is everywhere in supermarkets, as we are being reminded everyday, so lots of businesses need to work on how to reduce its use across the full range of products on offer. ”

The service uses only electric delivery vehicles that are equipped with bulk tanks of household products.  They supply shops and other businesses with tanks from which customers can fill their own containers in an effort to make a difference to the plastic pollution crisis.

This is the only business we know of that does this, and it is based in Crouch End!  For more information visit