Why sell Crouch End’s “village green” at all?

OK, we understand that the council needs to sell the Town Hall. Times are hard. Needs must. But why does the green in front of the Town Hall have to be included in the deal?

The council said this week, “We have always made clear, Hornsey Town Hall Square is guaranteed to remain publicly accessible under any future plans and that commitment will be written into legal agreements.”

So if the new owners are not going to be able to use the green privately, or build on it (as the council promise), then what’s the point of selling it to them? The building is not even connected to the green!

Surely the smart thing would be for Haringey Council to set everyone’s minds at rest by excluding that particular piece of much-loved real estate from the deal altogether.

If there is some complicated legal reason why the green has to be part of the sale, perhaps someone would like to use this forum explain it to us. It certainly doesn’t appear to make much sense.

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