New parent community group for Crouchenders

Good news for parents! Starting 1st February 2019 there’s a brand new parent community group for Crouch End.

The group, which is called ‘Kindred Meets’, aims to help local parents feel better connected to each other and to other Crouchenders.

The group’s co-founders Clare and Natalie shared maternity leave together and often talked about the endless baby-class options available and the costs associated with trying to find what suited them. They found that connecting with like-minded individuals during those first few months is critical. And that’s how their idea was born!

Clare says, “In those first precious months of parenthood, life can feel a little bit foggy and overwhelming. The hours disappear quickly, while you can feel like you’ve achieved very little. So
finding time to make friends and seek out and trial the numerous services available to you can feel like a tiring task.”

Kindred Meets will offer an 8 week programme of sociable and supportive meetings where you’ll
get the opportunity to connect with other new parents, as well as sampling the best of what’s
available in the area.

Each week, there’ll be a different class or workshop, including baby-signing, parental self-care, first aid, baby massage, sleep support, and more.

The weekly meetings will be 90 minutes long, so you have time to settle yourself and your little one before experiencing one of the classes or workshops. Then there’ll be time for a debrief (over
cake) after the class, as well as time to browse through the clothes rail and toy box.

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