Crouch End marina in development

Alan Wolfson posts

Leaked documents reveal Haringey Council plans to tackle Hornsey traffic gridlock by turning Crouch End Broadway into a Marina.

A statement from the Council admits that money from The Town Hall and Library sell off will go to finance the creation of luxury moorings, and claim it will be a well needed boost to both tourism and the buy-to-let yacht market. The marketing company that squandered millions redesigning the Haringey logo have named the project ‘The Endch Riviera.’

Last year’s plan for a Crouch End Airport ran into problems when a design fault meant Ally Pally would obstruct take off and landing. The council were accused of pig headed stubbornness by refusing to re-direct the runway approach, rather than pinning hopes on revenue from the Crouch End Marina scheme to finance the lowering of Alexandra Palace.