Bermondsey Pub Company says “Harringay Arms will re-open”

Great news Crouchenders! We’ve just received news that the Harringay Arms is to re-open.

Via PR company Fleet Street Communications,  a spokesperson for the Bermondsey Pub Company told us, “We can confirm we have taken over the Harringay Arms in Crouch End. We will be offering a wide drinks range and a great food offer to compliment. We look forward to welcoming back existing and new customers once it has reopened.”

Bermondsey Pub Company is part of the Ei Managed Operations portfolio for Ei Group. Previously the pub fell under its leased and tenanted portfolio, Ei Publican Partnerships.

The statement makes no mention of any challenge to the impending licence renewal as previously reported. Neither does it mention a date for the re-opening or any plans for modernisation or reburbishment.

We’ll post updates as soon as we have them.

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Harringay Arms faces closure

For many years now, Crouchenders have watched as one by one our traditional old boozers have been turned into family-friendly, gastro pubs. Unsupervised children race around, designer prams clutter the gangways. These venues are no longer a place for grown-ups who just want a nice quiet drink and a chat.

Just one Crouch End pub resisted this awful trend and remained a “real” pub. The Harringay Arms. But now it’s looking increasingly likely that we are going to lose it.

The situation is, as we understand it, is that the pub has been taken back by the brewery Enterprise Inns and the licence is under review due to complaints from one person about noise and unsociable behaviour. Obviously the worry is that if the licence is withdrawn then the brewery will not be able to keep The Harringay Arms as a pub.

There has been a great outpouring of grief on social media, as Crouchenders young and old bemoan the loss of their favourite drinking hole. There is tremendous love for the place in this neigbourhood. It signifies, perhaps more than any other business, Crouch End how it used to be.

On the Harringay Arm’s own Facebook page the following message:

“We are very sad to let you all know that from the 4th of July The Harringay Arms will close and is being taken over by Enterprise Inns. We have done our very best to keep hold of this lovely little pub and are all devastated to have to say good-bye. We want to say THANK YOU to all our lovely customers as each and every one of your unique characters is what makes The Harringay Arms so special and un-like anywhere else. We will miss you all.”

What’s needed is for Crouchenders to persuade the local licensing panel that the Harringay Arms should be allowed to continue to sell liquor. Representations need to be made by 25 July 2017. Support this famous old pub and email Harringay NOW!

Representation can be made via the Harringay website:  

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