Earl Haig Hall closes pending sale

Much-loved by Crouchenders for its unique retro atmosphere, local beers and amazing Sunday roasts, the Earl Haig Hall in Elder Avenue sadly shut its doors last Sunday as owners Antic enter the process of selling the premises to a new pub chain.

The buyer is the Max Barney Pub company, and they are said to have a tenant for the site lined up.

Earl Haig Hall was formerly owned by the Royal British Legion before the Hornsey branch shut in 2010.

One Crouchender told us, “It’s great to hear that there’s a buyer for the pub, but let’s hope they respect its unique atmosphere and history. Giving the Earl Haig a modern, unsympathetic facelift would simply rip the heart and soul out of the place.”

The building was opened as a pub by Antic in 2013, and it has also been used for community events such as comedy nights, craft fairs and live music.

The pub closed on Sunday after a message appeared on its website saying; “It is with a heavy heart that we are sadly saying goodbye to the Earl Haig.”

Max Barney Company have confirmed it is in the process of buying the hall.