Dunn’s fries 2,700 free doughnuts for Crouch End 10k runners

Ham&High reports…  A sweet sight greeted runners at the end of the Crouch End 10k run on Sunday.

After pounding the pavement for 6.2 miles, triumphant athletes received a free Dunn’s jam doughnut.

The day before, the team at the bakery had been hard at work, frying continuously for 14 hours to produce 2,700 doughnuts.

Dunn’s, in the Broadway, has supported the 10k run for the YMCA for 28 years.

Crouch End’s famous bakery wasn’t just providing sustenance to runners – they entered a 12-strong team of their own, and turned out to be the best unaffiliated team.

Picture: Lewis Freeman

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