Crouchenders “feel increasingly vulnerable” as burglary stats rise

Ham&High reports that Crouch End saw “a string of Christmas holiday break-ins during December”. Latest crime stats also reveal that Crouch End saw an average of one burglary per day in November.

This rise in crime has left Crouchenders scared and disillusioned with the police and some are contemplating crowd-funding private security. In response, local police have organised a community safety meeting for 22nd February 2019.

It will take place at Hornsey Town Hall from 7pm til 9pm, and will see Haringey police meet with members of the public.

According to the Ham & High, one Crouchender had his home in Middle Lane burgled on Christmas Day.  Luckily, he thought, he caught the perpetrator on his home CCTV, but despite capturing a clear image of someone actually breaking into his home, local police closed the case. The man has since decided to post an image of the burglar online and put posters up around Crouch End.

Meanwhile, local councillors across Crouch End and neighbouring Muswell Hill have shared their concerns about rising crime rates in the area, saying that increased crime is “making locals feel increasingly vulnerable in their own homes”.

It’s clear that as police numbers drop, those carrying out these crimes are becoming ever more brazen, safe in the knowledge that the likelihood of being caught has decreased.

Haringey’s head of neighbourhood policing told the Ham&High this week: “Unfortunately Haringey, like the rest of the country, saw an increase in burglary in 2018. In particular, the west of Haringey experienced an increase in burglary during October and November 2018.”

Crouch End Live says:  Cuts in police numbers seem to show that the security and safety of the public is no longer a priority for the powers that be. We need more police on the streets of Crouch End, and we need them now!