Crouchenders pop in for a gin tasting at Bottle Apostle

Brian Luff writes…

Crouchenders who fancied a quick early afternoon tipple would have been delighted to stumble upon a bijou gin tasting at Bottle Apostle yesterday.

I’ll admit to being a bit of a Philistine when it comes to gin. I’ll happily spend forty quid on a nice bottle of single malt whisky, but it’s pretty hard to drag me away from my trusty bottle of Gordon’s.

Bottle Apostle’s Miranda Fong did what she could to persuade me away from that stick-in-the-mud attitude, giving me the chance to sample some delicious and previously unheard of gins from micro-distilleries as far apart as North London and the East Coast of the USA.

Available for tasting was Sacred Gin from Highgate, Half Hitch from Camden Lock and the splendidly crisp Cold River Gin from Maine Distilleries in New England.

My personal favourite was Breuckelen Glorious Gin. (“Breuckelen” is the old Dutch name for Brooklyn, New York which is where it comes from.)

Glorious Gin “has a pronounced juniper on the nose, with a rosemary and fruit flavour, a discreet hint of lemon and a strong, spicy ginger finish.”

OK, I’ll admit I copied and pasted that description from the Gin Foundry web site, but on a glorious sunny afternoon in Park Road, Glorious Gin definitely hit the spot for me with a splash of Fever Tree tonic.

Miranda told me, “We’ve had a steady stream of Crouchenders through the doors today, all eager to have a taste of our artisan gins.” I don’t blame them. What’s not to like?

Bottle Apostle opened in Crouch End in 2012 and according to their web site carries the belief that customers should be able to explore wine and spirits “without intimidation”. I certainly didn’t feel intimidated and I might well have been persuaded to occasionally stray from the Gordon’s and try something a little more exotic.