Crouchenders complain as council fills in bus stop in Tottenham Lane

Haringey Council have sparked controversy in Crouch End by deciding to widen the pavement next to the bus stop outside the Palace Cafe in Tottenham Lane. This effectively reduces the width of the bus stop by half, and makes it impossible for buses to pull off the road when they stop to pick up passengers.

Some Crouchenders claim this will cause additional traffic congestion in an already congested road, while others say the wider pavement will now make it easier to get on and off the buses.

Facebook is crammed with comments on the issue. One Crouchender points out that the buses never pulled into the old bus stop properly anyway, and were “always sticking out in the road.” Another suggests that the change will stop vehicles obstructing the bus stop by parking in it.

Transport for London now plan to complete the project by moving the bus shelter onto the new pavement space, nearer to the kerb. But this won’t happen until later this year.

So, will filling in this bus stop cause the kind of traffic chaos that some Crouchenders claim? Or will it make like easier for bus passengers? Have your say now by completing our opinion poll:

Was it a good idea to fill in the bus stop and widen the pavement in Tottenham Lane?

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